" Ace "
  Int & Aust & Fin & Dk Ch WW-89,-91 EuW-91 FinW-90,-92  KBHW-89 
Minimbah Showdown
" Ace"

   DOB  5.2.1985
   breeder: Anne C & Harvey Caddy, Australia
   owners: Sari & Terttu Solanti

I met Ace while working in Perth, Western Australia 
1986. I saw him at an event called pets in the park,
where he was doing agility. I couldn´t resist his
gentleness and soft, melting expression. I had 
seen him before at the showgrounds, not knowing I
was looking at the same dog. Long after that I got the
opportunity to get him in February 1988. 
Ace was 3 years at the time of arrival. We both were 
interested in activities,and chose to do obedience. 
Ace was perfect training partner for a beginner.
He was very reliable; if he had learned something, he 
did it always when I asked him to. We managed to 
get through classes one and two before I met my own 
limitations as a novice handler. Due to his personality 
and my training methods, he never has been very
fast dog, but we truly enjoyed each others company 
while training and trialling.
We did do little bit of herding too,but due to lack of time and facilities, chose to leave that for full time workers. Instead we concentrated in tracking. Ace was almost 10 years before Border Collies were allowed in tracking trials, so that has remained just as a hobby. One of his sons has gained working trial championship in searching, and there are several others working in their own trial forms.
Ace gained over 40 Best of Breed results, he won Best in Group
5 times and was placed as Best Exhibit in Show twice.  He produced some litters in Australia prior being imported. The most successful of his offspring over there is Best in Show winning Australian Grand Champion Borderfame Bravo, who was one of the most successful show and obedience dogs as well as super producer. In the past 12 years that Ace lived in Finland he has sired altogether 11 litters producing working trial, agility and obedience champions along with numerous conformation champions and cc winners heading towards their championship in the future. Majority of his offspring is working either in obedience, agility, tracking, searching or relay.
Ace left us in August 2000, at 15,5 years of age. He 
introduced me and so many other Scandinavians to this 
incredibly intelligent breed, emerging the gentleness, 
willingness to please and true beauty of perfectly balanced 
dog moving with minimum lift of feet, with ease and grace 
that allowes this breed to work all day long, day after day, 
never showing signs of tiredness. Ace left a huge hole 
in my heart and in the entire Border Collie world.